Sermon Audios

Berkey Fellowship HallYou are invited to listen to the following sermons:

2018 Sermons

“The Caravan of My People” (November 4) – Mark Schloneger, speaker

“Weight Lifting” (October 14) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Doors, not Walls” (September 16) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Plenty Good Room?” (September 9) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“From Exclusion to Inclusion: Eunuchs in the Bible” (September 2) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Stages of Discipleship” (August 19) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Joy and Resistance in a Time of Fear” (August 5) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“The Joy of Sabbath” (July 8) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Struggle and Joy” (July 1) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“A Grace Received” (June 24) – Clare Krabill, speaker

“When All is Falling Apart Around Us – God is at Work to Use Us” (June 17) – Oscar Siwali, speaker

“Maintaining Faith amidst the Challenges of Peace in Colombia”¬† (May 27) – Jenny Neme, speaker

“Stretching, Propelling Spirit-Wind” (May 20) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Finding Jesus in the Stranger” (May 13) – Richard Aguirre, speaker

“Finding Home in the Sojourn” (May 6) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“What is Sin?” (April 29) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Humbly, Fervently Draw Near” (April 22) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Through Bolted Doors” (April 8) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Wild Peace” (March 25) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Talking¬†about LGBTQ Inclusion” (March 18) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Wild Courage” (March11) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Getting Angry with Jesus” (March 4) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Wild Dignity” (February 25) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Being Alone with the Alone” (February 18) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“The More of God” (February 11) – Mag Richer Smith, speaker

“Come and See” (February 4) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Going Home by another Route” (January 7) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

2017 Sermons

“Preparing the Way for Blessedness” (December 10) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Enthusiastic Collaborators” (December 3) – Dan Schrock, speaker

Untitled Sermon (November 26) – Ron Moyo, speaker

“For all the Saints” (November 19) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“Uncomfortable Questions” (November 12) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Eyes Wide Open” (October 29) – Mariah Martin, speaker

“Tending Community in God’s Mission” (October 22) – Sherm Kauffman, speaker

“The Enchanted Life” (October 15) – Gwen Gustafson-Zook, speaker

“Communion and Community” (October 8) – Joanne Gallardo, speaker

“A Kerfuffle over Skin Color” (October 1) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Tending the Mission of God in the World” (September 24, 2017) – Sherm Kauffman, speaker

“Tending the Soul” (September 10, 2017) – Sherm Kauffman, speaker

“The Tables of Solidarity” (July 30, 2017) – Dan Schrock, speaker

“Hospitality as a Sacrifice” (July 16, 2017) – Joe Sawatzky, speaker