Handbook, Commissions & Appointments


Qualifications, Job Descriptions, and Guidelines for the Spiritual Leadership Team, Commission and Committee Members, Representatives, and Staff. View the the 2019-20 Handbook.



Commission Members (2019-2020)

The conference delegates, congregational secretary, and congregational chairperson have one-year terms; everyone else generally serves two-year terms.

Caregiving (Deacons)

Sarah Morrison (chair) – 2020
Connie Bauman – 2021
Caitlin Lanctot – 2021
John Schrock – 2021
Mark Schloneger, Pastor

Christian Education

Justin Heinzekehr (chair) – 2020
Andrea Bontrager Yoder – 2020
Patti MacGregor – 2021
Dan Nafziger – 2021
Lavonne Shetler – 2021
Joanne Gallardo, Pastor


Vanessa Adcock (co-chair) -2020
Diane Beam – 2020
Beth Birky – 2020
Anita Snyder (co-chair) – 2020
Joel Kern 2021
Denise Risser – 2021
Trish Shenk – 2021
Dan Schrock, Pastor


Jenny Miller (co-chair) – 2020
Rafael Barahona – 2021
Laura Horst – 2021
Darin Short (co-chair) – 2021
Joanne Gallardo, Pastor

Stewardship and Finance

Dale Snyder – 2020
Al Weldy – 2020
Missy Kauffman Schrock – 2021
Aaron Wieand (chair) – 2021
Dan Schrock, Pastor
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Lois Stoltzfus Mast – 2020
Greg Smucker (chair) – 2020
Lindsy Diener-Locke – 2021
Merrill Krabill – 2021
Patsy Sherer – 2021
Mark Schloneger, Pastor

Spiritual Leadership Team (Elders)

Richard Aguirre – 2020
Clare Krabill – 2020
Shirley Dick – 2021
Joe Liechty – 2021
Stephanie Wieand – 2021
Mark Schloneger, Pastor
Joanne Gallardo, Pastor
Dan Schrock, Pastor

Congregational Chairperson

Shirley Dick

Congregational Secretary

Jenny Yoder

Creation Care

Lydia Martin
Jennifer Schrock
James Yoder

IN-MI Mennonite Conference Delegates

Steve Garboden
An SLT representative
Joanne Gallardo
Dan Schrock

Commission Appointments (2018-19):


Agape Committee – Sara Alvarez (2019), Jenny Hooley (2019), Lee Roy Berry, Jr. (2020), John Mast (2020)
Everence Advocate – Phil Bauman
Safe Church Caring Team – Steve Garboden (2020), Phil Zimmerman (2020), Sarah Morrison (2019)
Small Group Coordinating Committee – Joanne Gallardo, Hannah Heinzekehr, Laura Horst, Grant Miller
Special Needs Coordinators (meals) – Renae Yoder
Special Needs/Disabilities Team Coordinator – Cindy Baker
Special Needs/Disabilities Team – Judy Weaver (Caregiving), Diane Nafziger (Fellowship), Jenny Miller (Mission), Dale Snyder (Stewardship & Finance)
Stephen Minister Leaders – Clare Krabill, Laura Moshier, Peter Shetler

Christian Ed.

Nursery coordinator/pictures on the classroom doors: Nate Shenk
Children’s Music: Primary- Patty Lehman, Andrea Bontrager Yoder, Angela Shenk, Lindsy Diener-Locke
Middlers- Greg Smucker
JYF sponsors: Joe Locke, Sim Dlova, Patrick Buller
MYF sponsors: Chris Johnston, Dan & Vanessa Adcock
Library committee: Lori Good, Eleanor Nafziger
Attendance record keeper: Diane Nafziger
Amigo/Friedenswald Camp Reps: Dale Snyder
Bethany partnership council: Mark Yoder
VBS coordinator/committee: Laura Moshier, Andrea Bontrager Yoder
Children’s Projects: to be determined
Peace Club coordinator/team: Beth Berry, Patty Lehman


Coffee Manager – Darin Short
Mennonite Women USA Representative – n/a


Mission Bulletin Board Coordinator Emily Krabill
Missions rack beside the bulletin board Emily Krabill
Relief Sale Coordinating Council Tavi and Anita Mounsithraj (2018), Dan and Vanessa Adcock (2019),  Justin and Hannah Heinzekehr (2021)
Mennonite Mission Network Contact Person Sara Alvarez
Center for Community Justice Jenny Miller
Center for Healing and Hope Sherry Wenger
Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network Coordinator Committee Brenda Grimes, Missy Kauffman Schrock, Lorraine Pflederer
Goshen Ministerial Emergency Fund contact person Anna Sawatzky
Greeter Bulletin Coordinator Aaron Wieand
Habitat for Humanity Representative Pete Graber
LaCasa of Goshen Representative Dale Snyder
MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Great Lakes Representative N/A
MDC Goldenrod Representative – Aaron Wieand
MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) Representative – Dan Nafziger
MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Association) Rep. – Ron Good
Peace and Justice Representative – N/A
Model School – Lowell Nafziger
Emergency Assistance – Anna Sawatzky

Stewardship and Finance

Custodian – Grant Miller
Offering Counters – Ron Good, Bryan Heinz, Rick Hostetter, Sarah Morrison, Diane Nafziger, Lowell Nafziger,  Denise Risser, Missy Kauffman Schrock, Aaron Shenk, and Karl Sommers
Treasurers – Curt Wenger, Ruth Hathaway, and Nancy Yoder
Trustees – Phil Bauman, Ron Good, John Mast, Lowell Nafziger, Peter Shetler, and Jennifer Schrock


Accompanist Coordinator – Patsy Sherer
Audio-Visual Coordinator – Phil Bauman
Children’s Time Coordinators – Jenny and Mark Yoder
Offertory Coordinator – Greg Smucker
Song Leader Coordinator – Greg Smucker
Usher Coordinator – Grant Miller
Visual Arts Coordinator – Merrill Krabill
Worship Leader Coordinator – Lois Stoltzfus Mast