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“For centuries, Black and Indigenous people have called for the end of violence enacted on their bodies and communities by police. This curriculum is our response and invitation that we allow the Spirit to awaken our imagination to build a world where we can all be safe(r) and flourish without threats of violence.” -Introduction to “Defund the Police? An Abolition Curriculum.”
       Facilitated by Brian O’Leary and Lavonne Shetler, this class will start Sept 12 and run through Nov 14. The series, published by MCUSA, is an initial guide for congregations who desire to begin or continue their reflection on what it means to engage the forces of state, commit to non-violence, and act to end policing and police brutality.
       All adults and high school youth are welcome to attend. Participants will need to bring a journal and pen(cil) to class, and should be prepared to do some outside work each week.