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The Caregiving Commission of Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship knows that these are difficult times as we face many challenges, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are concerned that Berkey attenders are aware of the care and support that the Commission is here to try to provide to those who are struggling emotionally and spiritually – and perhaps financially as well. We encourage attenders of the congregation to reach out to Caregiving Commission members if you have needs that we can help with.
       We especially want to remind those in the congregation who may have been impacted financially by the pandemic, that the congregation has an Agape Fund that is designed to help with financial needs. If you have a financial need at this time, feel free to contact a member of the Caregiving Commission or a member of the Agape Fund Committee (Sara Alvarez Waugh, Jenny Hooley, Lee Roy Berry, Jr. and Heidi McHugh) to see what financial help might be available.
       In these difficult times, we continue to pray for the needs of the congregation as a Caregiving Commission and through the Care Groups that the Commission members oversee.
       ~The Caregiving Commission: Connie Bauman, Sarah Morrison, John Schrock, Jenny Yoder, and Pastor Mark Schloneger